Meet Our Team

Sara Sarre 
Chairperson & Head Trainer

Sara has been brought up in the company of dogs throughout her life, starting with family owned English Springer Spaniels and other breeds.  Sara went on to owning her own English Springer Spaniels and then breeding.  Sara owns her own business – Top Dog (established 2014) that offers Home Boarding and One to One Training, this is on top of being a trainer at the Island Dog Training Club (2002) where she takes classes from puppies, junior handlers, beginners and intermediate.   Sara often provides training for the trainers at the Island Dog Training club on teaching techniques, knowledge and understanding of different dog training techniques and learning styles of people and dogs.  Sara actively competes in obedience with several of her dogs and having completed several Pet Dog Training Instructors Courses – passing at the top level and is now a tutor for the one week residential Course annually. 


However, Sara’s full-time employment is as a Teacher at Les Voies School which caters for students with social, emotional and behavioural problems, many have autism and other challenges.  Sara has three dogs that are trained and qualified to go into school to assist with the students learning, Sara worked tirelessly with education to make this possible and continues to work very closely with them to ensure a robust and strict criteria will be maintained.


Sara has over 19 Years of teaching experience and 17 years experience in dog training, wishing to combine these two passions and after meeting Sharon at a dog training course they carried out extensive research into the use, benefits and legal requirements of training, owning and qualification of therapy and assistance dogs and the possible demand and use within the Baliwick and Guernsey.


Sara has completed the following courses:


  • Pet Dog Training Instructors (PDTI) – Advanced Instructor – 2015 (Tutor on the course every year since)

  • First Aid (Canine) – With GSPCA – Feb 2014

  • First Aid (Human) – St Johns – June 2016

  • 2016 - The Kennel Club Confirmation and Movement, Points of Dog Assessor

  • 09/10/2015 - The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze and Silver Assessor

  • Child safeguarding training – annually updated

  • Guild of Dog Trainers - Master Trainer - 2018

Sarah Spurrier

Sarah’s love of dogs began in early childhood with her family pets, two Dachshunds, who shared her family home throughout her school days.

After leaving school, Sarah trained as a nurse at King’s College Hospital in London where she gained her SRN in 1983 and began specialising in paediatric nursing. Her nursing career spanned approximately ten years during which time she married and had three sons. She then decided on a career change and trained to be a teacher. Sarah worked in several schools, both in England and Guernsey, eventually becoming a Head Teacher and her passion for working with both children and dogs continued to develop.

In 1995 Sarah and her husband welcomed their first Flatcoated Retriever into their lives and have owned and adored Flatcoats ever since. Sarah enjoys training her dogs, breeding the occasional litter of Flatcoat puppies, showing her dogs at Breed Shows and working with other members of Paws for Support and their dogs to deliver assemblies to school children about how to behave responsibly around dogs.

Sarah has completed the following courses:

  • 2018 One day course IMDT Canine Body Language

  • 2018 One day course IMDT Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation

  • 2019 Two day course Trainers Training Course with Dawn Cox

Beki Le Cheminant
Secretary & Trainer

Beki has recently become involved in the world of dog training in 2010, when she got her first family dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Lucy. Beki has also been an assistant trainer at the Island Dog Training Club (IDTC), helping out with puppy groups and beginner classes on a weekly basis whilst competing in obedience shows locally.

Beki has been a member since 2018 with her English Springer Spaniel Cyan and recently taken on the role of charity secretary.

As well as assisting with training and assesments, Beki also looks after the website and social media platforms for the charity keeping the community up to date on all the news and events that PFS part-take in.


Beki is a qualified golf coach with 8 years coaching experience working at The Golf Club @ St Pierre Park.


Beki has completed the following courses:

  • June 2018 - First Aid (Human) - St John's

  • November 2018 - First Aid (Dog) 

  • 2019 Two day course Trainers Training Course with Dawn Cox

  • 2020 Animal Assisted Therapy Diploma - Distinction

Jo Ouseley

Jo's family has owned dogs since she was very young. Her first experience of living with a dog was at around 18 months old when they looked after her grandmother's Griffin, Sindy , for a few months. One of her earliest memories is of going to collect their first puppy a Corgi Jack Russell cross called Pippa, from a farm in St Peters and is convinced that she can identify the exact farm. Her family went on to own four Yorkshire Terriers, one of which was a rescue. After marrying when looking for her first family dog her choice of a Border Terrier might have been subconsciously influenced by that early experience of living with Sindy, although she did research the breed, as everyone should, and found that they did meet her requirement of being a great family dog.


Jo has competed in obedience and competes in agility. She has been a member of the IDTC since 2009, becoming an assistant trainer a couple of years later than a trainer.


Jo has completed the following courses:

  • 2012 Pet Dog Training Instructors (PDTI) 

  • June 2016 First Aid (Human) St Johns

  • 2015 Your End Of the Lead an on line course by Janet Finlay T Touch practitioner

  • 2016 One day Introduction to T Touch 

  • 2018 1 Day IMDT Canine Body Language

  • 2018 1 Day IMDT Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation