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Meet Our Therapy Dogs


Callie is an English Springer Spaniel, and she started training slightly later (when she was 1yrs old) and worked at Les Voies as the very first school therapy dog here in Guernsey.

Her confidence and calm nature helps her thrive as a school therapy dog. She loves the children and working (especially because she gets to spend all day with her owner).

Callie has had 2 litters of pups - Haze and Cyan have become wonderful therapy dogs too.


Nacho is a tri-coloured long haired Chihuahua, she might be small but she has a big personality.

This little Chihuahua loves visiting the nursing homes and will happily sit on all the residents laps and have lots of fuss and cuddles (and the occasional biscuit crumb or two!) The homes all ask after her so we wouldn't like to visit without her, there would be some very sad people - staff as well as residents.


Lucy is a  tri coloured, Cavalier King Charles. She is a very happy, loving and loyal companion who has been a great support to her owner and family over the years.

She enjoys nothing more than being with you wherever you go even to the bathroom.  Lucy has been going to training classes since she was a puppy and very much enjoys learning.

Her favourite place to be is curled up on a lap asleep. She is currently training to be a visiting dog and loves getting attention and fuss almost as much as she loves treats (Almost!).


Haze is an English Springer Spaniel, who has followed in her mum (Callie’s) foot steps and had worked at les Voies school as a school therapy dog.

Her training has gone well and she knows her job, she loved comforting the students and will seek out the students who need her. In class she helps keep the students focused, calm and quiet - helping create the best kind of learning environment which encourages learning.

In her down time she loves playing ball and going for runs on the headlands.


Rizzo is a Sprocker who is the daughter of Ryka and granddaughter of Echo who all live together in the pack. She loves meeting new people at schools and nursing homes and has had 1 litter of pups - her daughter Mavis is also part of the PFS family.

Rizzo loves playing around with the rest of the dogs at home and cuddling up with her owners at the end of the day. 


Cyan is an English Springer Spaniel who is Callie's daughter and Haze's sister.

She has been to training since a young pup and loves learning new tricks and commands. Cyan has matured into a loving companion who can always be found by her owners side.

In her down time Cyan loves going for a run, meeting new dogs and carrying objects around the house, especially her teddy or the odd tea towel, and at the end of the day curling up for a cuddle.


Georgie is a fluffy, little Papillion. She is originally from Jersey but moved to Guernsey at 1 ½ years old to live with her owner and her family. Her favourite activity is chasing after her most-loved toy, a pink ball. She loves to run on the beach, especially Port Soif. Georgie cannot wait to spread her small but mighty joy to everyone she comes across and aspires to get out into the community, so she can spend time meeting and cuddling lots of people.

Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy is a Golden Labradoodle. His owner meet him at just 10 days old and visited him around 4 times before she was able to bring him home. As a family who only had cats, the arrival of Mr Darcy was a big difference, with him growing into one large dog crossed between a polar bear and an Angus bull! He can be excitable but in fact he is a gentle giant, most of the time. He loves his freedom on the beach and in a local field, but he also enjoys his training with PFS. He loves being groomed which happens daily to avoid matting and is happy with a bath and the hair drier as long as he gets a treat afterwards.


Teddy is a Cockapoo who turned out a lot bigger than his owner expected but she wouldn't change him! He loves meeting people and often happy to sit and be stroked by anyone that stops and say hello. Teddy even won Most Handsome dog in a fun dog show.

He loves to go for long walks with all his doggy mates and adores a muddy puddle, the muddier the better or even swim or dip in the sea if no mud available!


Riley is a Springer Spaniel and is Haze’s daughter, Callie’s grand-daughter and litter sister to Stanley. Riley lives with her owner in Sark along with fellow PFS dog Nyx.

Riley is a total live wire brimming over with intelligence and brave curiosity! Everything in life is fascinating and it’s great meeting new people and getting fussed over. She loves her short daily training sessions and thinks it’s great fun learning new tricks and annoying her adopted sister Maggie with her incessant requests to play, play, play and her love of sleeping draped all over her!! She hates daytime naps but does love a good snuggle on the sofa at the end of a busy day.


Tilly is a Cavapoochon who was born in Southampton and came over to Guernsey on an Aurigny flight in early August with her owner.

She is a playful, confident puppy who loves to meet new people and other dogs. She loves to go out walking and Rousse, Port Grat beach, Bordeaux and Chateau de Marais are her favourite places. She loves playing with her toys, especially tuggy with her owner. She also loves to be groomed and this helps her calm down and go to sleep.


Uno is a male Labrador Retriever. From the very first time his owner held him in her arms when she collected him, she knew they would have a strong bond. Uno loves to learn new things and to please his family. He is great with his two human sisters who enjoy spending a lot of time playing with him and running around the garden together. Living by the beach his favourite walks include; using his nose along the common, as well as playing on the sand and in the sea. 

After brisk walks he thoroughly enjoys cuddling up near people wherever they sit and snoozes the rest of the day away. He is very mild mannered and has an even laid back temperament.


Ebony is a Sprocker who's mum Ryka is also a therapy dog. Her owner wasn't planning on getting another dog but after seeing a photo she fell in love and the rest is history! She lives with another dog called Maddie. Ebony does obedience training at the Island Dog Training Club and is extremely keen to learn anything new and does everything at 100 miles an hour! She enjoys her training so much she loves to be given jobs to do even if that includes picking up articles for her owner and helping with the recycling. In her down time Ebony loves the beach.


Kelly is a Working English Springer Spaniel, who has a tight bond with her owner and her family members.

Kelly is a happy, friendly dog who enjoys meeting lots of new people and getting plenty of attention.

In her down time Kelly enjoys going for walks with Fleur and Missy who she lives with and swimming on the beach. If she isn't playing football and pinching the odd sock she will be found cuddling up her best mate Eleanor.


Bella, often known as Boo at home, is a Springer Spaniel who loves with her owner Tristan and his family. She loves to play with balls, fluffy toys, and her owners socks! She enjoys playing games, and attending her training, which she has picked up very quickly. Bella lives with a 4 year old human sister and is very calm and patient around her. Bella tells her family if she is hungry by tapping her bowl with her paw, and opens doors for her canine brother when he wants to go into the garden.

Bella will visit the Grammar School and Sixth Form centre where her owner works, to offer support to the students and show them her tricks !


Jack is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Jack lives with his owner and her family along with his fur brother Chester. He is a very loveable, friendly chap with a gorgeous temperament and he just he loves everyone. He loves playing ball and his favourite pastime is running/swimming on the beach with Chester.


Stanley is a Springer Spaniel and is Haze’s son. His name comes from St Anne and was chosen in a naming competition at St Anne’s School, where he will be based. He flew to Alderney, when he was 10 weeks old, to join his owners. He enjoys ‘helping’ and running around in the garden, likes going to the beach and is getting used to travelling in the bicycle trailer. Stanley is keen to learn; he loves his short training sessions and showing off his tricks, especially if treats are involved. He is very sociable and likes meeting people and other dogs. Stanley loves visiting the local Care Home, where he is a huge hit with staff and residents.


Loki is a Flatcoated Retriever who was born in Norway and moved to Guernsey with his owner, who met him and his litter mates when he was just 3 weeks old.

Loki is a big friendly boy who loves to be involved in everything, he loves to be the centre of attention and loves to dispense Loki love in great quantity.

Loki is an intelligent dog who loves to learn new tricks and has enjoyed all his structured training sessions so far. He does small training sessions every day to keep his brain active and encourage him to focus on things.


Betty is a working cocker spaniel. She finds everything and everyone hugely exciting and interesting and enjoys loves being out and about meeting people with her owner. Betty is extremely affectionate and likes doing almost anything she can do with her family, especially running on the beach at low tide, or finding things and bringing them back. Betty has been attending obedience and agility classes too


Beau is a English Springer Spaniel, who has been with his owner since he was 10 weeks old. Beau is a joy to train and is very eager to please. Due to owners progressive neurological condition, Beau is really enjoying his new role as his assistance dog and does him very proud, especially when on lead and helping to pick up items on the floor.

Beau loves going out for walks and he lives up to his working pedigree, and will not stand still for more than a second or two but equally enjoys a snooze on the sofa in the evenings.


Kito is a Pomeranian who lives with her owner and fur brother Remy in Sark.

Kito used to join his owner at her Hair Salon and he liked nothing more than the frequent visits of the older clients, as he always had lots of cuddles, and the occasional treat.

After suffering with depression herself the addition of Kito into her life has made such a massive difference, helping her through some tough periods,

He loves to play, enjoys his walks around the island, and is keen to learn and please.


Kobe is a Goldendoodle. His owner brought him and two of his siblings over from Devon when he was 10 weeks old. Always learning new tricks and obedience with Island Dog Training Club and Paws For Support, and training with interactive play games with his family.

Kobe is a very active dog and loves to play ball, swim, run and play with his squeaky toys.


Mavis is a Sprocker from a special line, her gran Ryka and Mum Rizzo are both PFS Therapy dogs and Mavis is in training to be an assistance therapy dog to her owner, who was lucky to watch Mavis being born which was a special moment.

Mavis loves doing things and is very eager to please. She loves playing with her dog brothers and has the classic 'lying on the back for belly rubs' like her gran and mum.

Mavis loves to be anywhere her owner is and has become a keen gardener but helps with the weeding even if it’s the plants to be kept.


Bertie is a Black and Tan, Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He is the latest, much adored addition, for his owner, and her family joining their other cavalier Lola who are already working therapy dogs for Paws for support.

Bertie adores hid fur brother and has fitted in very well as the man of the family! He is very friendly, loves meeting new people and other dogs, adores lots of attention and cuddles and is a fast learner, already having a good understanding of spin, sit, lie and wait.


Scooby is a Australian Labradoodle who joined her owner and her family and their other dog a pug cross.

Scooby loves nothing more than chasing balls and playing with his squeaky carrot! Their previous family dog Alfie used to love listening and help her youngest son read and Scooby has followed his footsteps. After completing their training they would love to help other children with their reading too!

When he’s tired his favourite pastime is sucking and pawing his bed like a cat!


Remy is a Pomeranian who joined her owner and her family in Sark.

He has settled into the family very well and his big fur brother Kito, ( also a PFS trained therapy dog) has accepted him as part of the family too.

Remy is full of fun and mischief, and compared to his Princely, Prima-donna brother, is the Tatty ted of the pack, delighted by the messier he can get the better!!

Despite this he is such fun, playful yet eager to learn and most definitely wants to please everyone he meets!


Rafa is a  Spanish water dog who was born in Guernsey. He lives with his owner and her family who realised a couple days after owning him that he is completely deaf.

Rafa loves to learn new things and to have a job, which makes training fun for him but hard work for his family as he is learning sign language.


Nyx is a Sprocker Spaniel pup who lives in Sark with her owner . She’s a very loving little bundle of fun who loves ruling the roost at home and playing with PFS-level 2 fur-sisters Riley and Maggie.

Nyx’s mum is PFS member Rizzo and her gran is PFS member Ryka and great-gran is PFS member Echo, so she has some very big shoes to fill! She loves training and is really looking forward to when she can stop being carried around and go for a proper walk with ‘the big girls’ and get to go in to school to make lots and lots of new friends!!


Henry is a Labrador bred in west Wales and living in summer Guernsey with his owner and her family. He has been going to the Island Dog Training Club since he was a puppy, and also does scent and obedience training  which he loves because it means extra treats. Henry is a true Labrador and will do anything for a treat!Henry enjoys going for long walks on the cliffs and likes to paddle in the sea but he never swims, he is very sociable and loves to meet up with his dog friends on walks.
After a busy day Henry likes to choose a toy from his toy box then cuddle on the sofa.


Arlo is a Labrador. He joined his owner and her family at 8 weeks old and is a much loved member of the family.

Arlo loves people and his owner has been working really hard at helping him learn how to greet people calmly. There is still lots of work to do as he gets so excited when wants to play with everyone.

Arlo loves to learn and especially loves to be rewarded with treats. As he is a Labrador he is very good focused!


Ruby is an English Springer Spaniel. Ruby was bred from a local family , so from six weeks old her family were able to have weekly visits. She was born with a marking of a fish on her back so for several weeks she was known as Fish!

Ruby is a lively, gentle, inquisitive dog, wanting to be everybody’s friend . She has a older dog sister in Bella , a beagle , who she loves dearly and are the best of friends, at times a deadly duo!


Maddie is a Sprocker who was born in Guernsey and has joined PFS member Ebony and her owner. Her mum is PFS member Rizzo and great gran Echo who is Ebony’s mum, which makes her Ebony’s great niece.

Maddie is a very quick learner and has great attention which is helping with training. She loves to do zoomies around the garden and it having great fun finding out which leaves taste the best! Maddie loves to be patted and is enjoying chasing Ebony around trying to get the toy that Ebony is having great fun teasing her with.


Pinta is a Podenco/ Pointer mix. She was brought to the Island having been rescued from Spain. Pinta joined her owner and her family only 10 weeks ago on an off chance meeting but when she placed her head on Martine’s lap and looked up at her - it was meant to be! Pinta is training to be her owners Assistance Dog. She is learning tasks such as scent detection, deep pressure therapy, bracing (to help with dizziness), getting help (should Martine fall), picking things up/ bringing things to her.

Pinta’s favourite thing to do is run very fast in circles closely followed by jumping exceptionally high! She loves to play with her toys and has recently learned how to play fetch with her teddy!


Floki is a  Sprocker Spaniel who was bred locally. From the litter he was matched specifically with her owner, with the intention of becoming an assistance dog. Floki has gained confidence manoeuvring around a wheelchair. He understands basic commands and has a wonderful bond with his owner and Family. He loves playing tuggy, chasing balls and going for walks. Floki enjoys learning new skills especially when rewarded with a treat or toy (he can hear a treat bag rustle from any room).


Ginny is a Cavachon. Her owner has known Ginny since she was 9-weeks old when she travelled over from Oxford on her very own private jet!
Ginny absolutely loves to please, which is why continued training with PFS is working so well. She already has her Puppy Foundation Course and Bronze Good Citizenship Award with the help of Sarre's and hopes to do her very best whilst training with PFS. 
During her personal time, she loves to hang out with her favourite people (mum & dad), chase her ball on the beach,  and snuggling on the sofa.


Sammy is an English Springer Spaniel who was bred locally her and her owner has known each other since she was just a few weeks old. She is full of energy and loves to play ball. Her favorite places to go are the beach and Cambridge Park where she spends time chasing leaves and making sure none escape! Sammy loves her cuddles and is great company to  her family. Sammy now resides in sunny Sark.




Busby is an adorable Labrador retriever, who lives with his owner and her family and Smokey the cat! Busby is also part of the family at Little Rays of Sunshine day nursery where the children adore him.

He is full of beans and enjoys attending the training classes just as much as visiting the beach to play with his favourite ball!.


Lily is a working cocker spaniel puppy, fondly nicknamed "the pocket rocket" as she does everything at a hundred miles per hour! Lily loves training, and while she’ll happily accept treats, her favourite thing in the world is human affection. This pup would do anything for belly rubs!

She is now training to be a disability assistance and medical alert dog. Her owner, has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and also has a related condition called POTS which affects her heart and blood pressure. Lily is learning to do a range of tasks to help, including retrieving items, alerting her owner when her heart rate goes too high, finding and fetching medicine on command and alerting people when her owner needs help. She’s going to be a very busy little dog!


Alba is a cream Golden Retriever puppy who joined her owner and her family when she was a young pup. She is incredibly loving, just wanting to follow everyone round the house and then lie on their feet waiting for either cuddles or food! 

Alba is a really gentle dog, and with her puppy training under her belt she is listening better, and sitting calmly which is hard for her when all she wants to do is say hello to everyone and she already loves listening to children read aloud (whilst getting lots of strokes and cuddles!).


Ralphie is a Chocolate Labrador who joined his owner and her family when he was 11 weeks old when he travelled over from Southampton.

Ralphie always seems to know when you’re feeling ill or down and will be happy to comfort you by resting his head on your lap. Either that, he’ll always be there to offer as many licks as he can and try desperately to be your best pal.

He adores people, swimming, biscuits, playing fetch and will always stay near so you feel reassured that he’s never too far away.


Dexter is Saluki Lurcher who was born in a rescue centre in the UK. He moved to Sark with his owner Kathryn a year and a half ago and is loving island life.

Dexter is a very calm and loyal dog who loves a good neck scratch. He enjoys a leisurely walk down The Avenue in Sark and loves to meet tourists but he comes alive in an open field where he turns into a racehorse.

His favourite activity is sleeping on the sofa followed by more sleeping on the sofa. 

















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