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Paws For 

Dogs Empowering People

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Paws For Support is a unique charity dedicated to using highly trained dogs to improve people’s lives in the bailiwick of Guernsey. 

These dogs will be used in a wide variety of situations from schools and young people, to visiting the elderly in care homes.  The dogs help bring happiness to people’s lives, assist in teaching respect, kindness, love, responsibility, friendship and trust.  This is achieved by using our Paws for Support dogs as educational and therapeutic aids and assistance.


In the UK it has become apparent that anybody can put their dog into a cape/harness/jacket and call it a therapy dog! We don’t want that to happen here as it is dangerous to put untrained dogs and their owners in that situation. We are on the cusp of having an amazing opportunity in Guernsey for everyone.


BUT we need to be safe; safe for the dogs, safe for the handlers and above all safe for the clients. We as a charity will train people and their dogs to a high standard, that the island can be proud of but also reduce as much of the risk as possible. Whilst maintaining a full register and working closely with some assistance and therapy dog regulators in the UK and internationally. This means we will be sticking to UK law. We know how beneficial therapy dogs can be so let’s make sure we do it properly.

Meet Our Therapy Dogs

We have a wonderful team of therapy dog who are either qualified or currently in training. There is a variety of breeds ranging in size and age who all love to meet new people and help empower the community in the Bailiwick.

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Paws for Support
Willow Springs
Clos Des Goddard
07781 115029

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Willow Springs | Clos Des Goddard | Castel | Guernsey | GY5 7JD  |
Telephone: 07781 115029| | Registered Charity No 573

Paws For Support

Dogs Empowering People

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